At Zen3, we bring together a diverse set of people, with varied experiences and vastly different talents. We provide best-of-breed tools, ongoing training, and instilling the Zen3 culture to help our people reach their highest potential. Join the workplace where diversity is celebrated, innovation is encouraged, and hard work is rewarded.

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Case Study - Speech

Actionable, Conversational Insights for Banking & Finance

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Case Study - Chat Bot

Reduced Audit Workforce by 80% for Best-in-Class Staffing and HR Solutions Provider

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Case Study - Speech

Reducing Friction and Increasing Sales for a Media Company

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Whitepaper - Cloud, Big Data Analytics

Zen3 Data Services: Human in the Loop for Banking and Finance

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Whitepaper - Cloud

Why the Corporate World is Flying to the Cloud

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Case Study - Human In The Loop

360-degree Tracking of All Customer Interactions to Increase CSAT Rates

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